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Tracking only, Ultra secure Smart farm platform for tracking animals

Tracking only, Ultra secure Smart farm platform for tracking animals

Platform included:

Two expertise 100 optical transceivers.

NI image processor for tracking animals Software.

Server for processing data and information.

20 KM SMA fiber.

Cover an area of 14 km * 14 km (Required to order 3 products).

GPS sensors for up to 5000 animals.

4 auto-charge Laser controlled drones.

2 wireless optical transceivers on ground


Ultrasecure smart farm platform

  • What this product offer to you?

    Not just provide a real-time GPS location of animals or other entities, manually or automatically, the drones can provide real-time video streams.

    If you want manually monitor and view any location on your farm, the drones will provide real-time video streams for you. It can be communicating with employees or barking to bring animals to their favorite area. By using RFID, even you may be able to monitor even specific animals.

    In auto-mode, the system provides real-time video processing using Natural intelligence to make sure the right employees and animals always are within the designated area.

    Using expertise in optical transceivers does not just provide you with high speed, high quality of service, and reliability. But, it's ultra-secure and unhackable. It's upgraded with a specific Natural intelligence algorithm that always provides unique protocols per different customer.

    By elaborating more options, you may add more extra security and even real vital sign monitoring of your animals to the system.

25000000 Square meters
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