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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Invest in Your Startup?

Simply use the "Contact Us" section on our website, and we will get back to you with all the necessary details.

2. Have you filed for a patent?

Yes, we have prepared our patent application and will be filing it soon after completing final legal and technical reviews.

3. How do you protect your product?

Initially, AI-OptiNet will be available as software that can be installed in various environments. As we grow, we plan to also offer a hardware version of our product for enhanced performance and integration. Also, it can improve our profit margins.

4. What is your growth plan?

AI-OptiNet is a versatile platform. We're starting with the telecommunications sector, focusing on optimizing communication networks. Once we've established our foothold, we plan to expand into healthcare, leveraging our technology to improve diagnostics and patient care, followed by innovations to reduce data center power consumption, especially for cooling.

5. How will you make money?

Initially, we plan to license our software to customers. We are exploring various business models, including subscriptions, but have yet to finalize our approach.

6. Who are your target customers?

Our primary customers are data centers and telecom companies requiring data transmission rates from 100 Gbps to terabits. Additionally, private network providers like Orion in Ontario will benefit from our solutions.

7. What is the current status of your product?

he backend software (source code) of AI-OptiNet is fully ready and has been successfully tested on a 15 Tbps setup. We are now focusing on finalizing the front end and customization options to commercialize our product. Funding will accelerate our progress and help us secure our first customers.

8. How does AI-OptiNet work?

We have published several articles detailing the workings of AI-OptiNet. These publications cover its applications in telecommunications, healthcare, and more. Please refer to our list of publications on our website for in-depth information.

9. Who are your competitors, and how do you plan to stay ahead?

Our strength lies in our innovative and creative technical team, which has a long history of introducing market-disrupting ideas. While there are competitors, our focus on continuous innovation ensures we remain ahead. We are constantly exploring new ideas to maintain our competitive edge.

10. Why do things change so rapidly at your company?

As a startup, innovation is at our core. Sometimes solving a technical problem opens up new business avenues or necessitates a change in our product strategy. We are agile, allowing us to adapt and evolve swiftly to market needs and technological advancements.

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