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Our journey

How we got to “AI-Atlas Inc”

At AI-Atlas Inc., our story starts with an issue we noticed in the fiber optic industry. We observed that there is waste of bandwidth because of a problem called nonlinearity and the lack of a smart chip called a DSP chip. This made it necessary to use error correction algorithms that took up a lot of power and even used up to 20% more bandwidth in fiber optic cables. Furthermore, fiber optics can change quickly, especially across oceans, and this requires constant monitoring, leading to high operational costs.
The existing DSP chips in the equipment used for fiber optics didn't have the capability to fix this issue because most of enough computing power used to run the error correction algorithms. The artificial intelligence algorithms that were being used at the time were also not practical, even if there was more room for computing power in the chips.
In 2016, we set out to create a solution and began developing a platform called natural intelligence (NI) for use in fiber optic equipment and healthcare (for medical screening and diagnostic tests). Our innovative design made the chip much smarter, which eliminated the need for the 20% overhead and improved the bandwidth efficiency of fiber optics by 20-50%. This also freed up computing power, reducing chip power consumption or making room for more DSP algorithms that could further enhance fiber optic bandwidth. Our NI platform not only transformed the world of optical communications, but also had the potential to save billions of dollars needed for upgrading fiber optic networks for 5G and 6G networks.
We noticed that everyone was talking about 5G and 6G, but we realized that while 95% of the internet goes through fiber optic networks, there was little discussion about the upgrade costs. We saw this as an opportunity to use our technology to solve the problem. However, since our NI platform was a new technology that was different from traditional machine learning and AI algorithms, there was a lack of understanding and recognition for our work.
So, we took a different approach and focused on a less popular area, fiber optics and our unique technology, the NI platform. While we didn't have to worry about getting approval from the FDA, we still had a long journey ahead to bring our technology to market as a commercial product.
In 2021, a big moment happened in the NI field. We achieved the first experimental approval of over 15 Tbps using our technology. And in 2022, our modified algorithm delivered even better results, exceeding our expectations. This was a turning point for us, as we realized the full potential of our technology to revolutionize the optical communications industry.
To bring our technology to market.
Our high-tech DSP chips have now become a new technology for 5G and 6G solutions, and with our expertise in wired and wireless optical communications, we are confident that our technology will completely change the world of optical communications and outperform any existing technology.
After establishing ourselves in the fiber optic industry, we plan to expand our company into healthcare and the financial sector. Our technology has the potential to improve medical screening and diagnostic tests and provide secure and private communication in the financial industry.
In conclusion, our journey at AI-Atlas Inc. has been driven by a desire to solve problems in the fiber optic industry and a passion for revolutionizing optical communications. Our technology, the NI platform, has the potential to make a significant impact for many years to come.

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