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Smart farm

The most profitable fastest safest integrated hybrid natural & artificial intelligence system in the world

No one can infiltrate your system and can hack your system because of online and live adjustable communication protocol.


Smart farm

Using natural intelligence (NI) & Smart ultra high-speed & secure optical communications

1-Data gathered from sensors on animals, barns, storage, drones
2-These data send to the wireless laser to optical antennas
3- Using lasers makes jams, and attacks so expensive besides safe high-speed communications speed.
3-Using expertise devices in 100 Gbps optical transceivers send data fiber optic
4- Each optical transceiver has NI as a brain in the physical layer
5-Expertise devices make attacks on hackers and enemies so expensive
6-Data will send to the data center for processing information using NI
7-NI work as a brain and platform that provides monitoring data and interpretation
7-NI makes decisions based on processed information such as asking barking drones to return animals to the barn or animals’ emotions/health or direction for drinking water or grass fields
8-NI does process to control the quality and security of optical transceivers on the physical layer to prevent unseen disturbance
9-NI sends commands based on decisions made to transceivers to maintain the quality of service and safety on the physical layer
10-NI sends commands to the barn, and drones to control animals on the farm

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